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Ed's "Best Angle" opinion column in Private Pilot magazine sparked a loyal following from student and professional pilots alike.  Private Pilot ceased publication in 2005 after marking its 40th anniversary.  Ed has also written for the Pacific Flyer Aviation News.   

Don't miss his aviation photo album.

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Life in the fast lane:  Jet stuff

Here's some Ed's coverage of the Very Light Jet industry:

A Very Light Jet Feature.  If you want a comprehensive look at Very Light Jets, this is it.

A column on Very Light Jets.   Ed separates jet fact from jet fiction.




Midnight in El Salvador

"If you ever refer to your plane as the flying coffin, don't answer the phone when the moon is full..."

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The Cockpit of the Future

"If the plane goes into an inverted death spin, simply bust down the cockpit door and hit the ALT, CTRL, and DELETE keys simultaneously..."

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Yule Log

"Airplanes come and go, but logs stick with you for life.   The gray-hairs out there know this, which is why you see them brandishing  weighty tomes embossed with intimidating declarations like  'Senior Pilot' or 'Professional Pilot.'..."

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For everyone...

Fuel ain't cheap!  Use this fuel price checker.

Stymied by a three or four letter airport identifier?  Need airport or navaid information?  Look it up with this link.
New!  Here's the TropicalEd.com parts room, just a few odds 'n ends.


For the pros...
Here's some airline pay scale information. You have to scroll down the page a bit.

The Professional Pilots Rumor Network (PPRUNE) deserves its loyal following.  If you want to keep up on the industry gossip, this is the place.