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The parts room

Know how every hangar has a room full of spare parts?  You don't need 'em but don't really want to get rid of them either.  Well, this is Ed's parts room, containing odds and ends, links he mentioned in a few old columns (and is not updating), and stuff like that.


In the June, 2005 "Learn to Fly" issue of Private Pilot, Ed noted four essential books for newbies.   Here's a link; the page is old, but the wisdom endures.


Jet talk...the Washington Times asks Ed about Embraer's success in the jet market...
The Sterile Cockpit

Ed's March, 2004 column, "The Sterile Cockpit," refers to a NASA Web link.  Here it is. 

Freeware list
A list of good freeware for Saipan Tribune readers.