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Here's a list of good freeware (free software) that may be of interest to Saipan Tribune readers. It's pretty much in random order. I use all of this stuff, though not always the most recent versions.  Clicking on a link will open it in a new window.

List updated:  July, 2013

Name (click for site) Comments
AbiWord A great little word processor
OpenOffice.org Freeware office suite
Perapera-kun Chinese, Japanese, Korean Web reading tool for Firefox
NoScript A security feature for the Firefox browser
Avast! A good anti-virus program
SumatraPDF Reads PDF files
CutePDF writer Writes PDF files
Skype Telephony; very popular in Saipan
WinPatrol Security utility
CCleaner Cleaning utility
Audacity A very powerful audio editor
ZoneAlarm (current) (old) Firewall; some folks prefer the older versions